Selecting A Lawyer

All of our lawyers have areas of expertise that are put to work for you satisfying your particular legal needs. When you contact our offices, we will analyze your needs and assign you a lawyer who is highly qualified to meet them. We want you to feel comfortable with your personal lawyer and confident in our firm’s capabilities. If you need assistance in areas in which we do not practice, such as securities, we will help you to find competent legal counsel.

Keeping You Informed

We realize that legal situations can be stressful for all involved. This is why we communicate with you on a regular basis, sending letters and reports, holding necessary meetings, initiating telephone conferences in a timely and efficient manner, and using language that is clear and understandable. When you retain our firm, you will have a clear understanding of the type of activities we will be conducting on your behalf. We believe that an open, honest relationship, built on trust, mutual respect and good communication is the key to a good attorney-client relationship.

Fee Arrangements

Our fees typically are based upon the effort required on your behalf, the complexities of the issues, and the responsibility involved. Fees may be based hourly, per project, or on a retainer basis. We have structured our firm to keep overhead sensible, thus allowing us to keep our fees reasonable.

If you need a payment plan, we will be pleased to discuss it with you prior to engagement.